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Chiropractic | Dr. Michelle Bouchard - DC - NYC, NY

Strictly speaking, a chiropractor provides an alternative medicine that uses spinal and other joint manipulation to correct alignment problems that are causing pain.

At my office I am dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your complete health and wellbeing. I can incorporate lifestyle or diet suggestions and often will advise you to perform specific exercises or relaxation techniques to aid in your improvement.

The hands-on aspect of chiropractic includes manipulation of the spine or other joints. Each treatment is personalized to meet your specific needs, and could include electrical stimulation, heat, or ice. At the beginning of our relationship, I will take a complete medical history and perform a physical examination to determine what course is right for you. This may include lab tests or imaging to get a complete understanding of your condition.

My career in chiropractic is inspired by the belief that there are ways to improve pain and discomfort without resorting to surgery and drugs. I see the results of my efforts every day, as my patients are able to return to their activities and enjoy life again.

So for the best in the NYC area in drug- and surgery-free care of your back pain, sciatica, headaches, or other conditions, call my office for an appointment today.

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